Your body was designed to breastfeed. A large component of breastfeeding success depends upon the mother’s confidence in her body, and the support she receives as she and baby develop their nursing relationship. Our Breastfeeding Techniques and Affirmations Track is actually two separate recordings in one: The first is an instructional Breastfeeding Techniques track which will help support you as you learn to breastfeed. The second track is the Breastfeeding Affirmations; positive, inspiring statements which you can listen to during a nursing session, or anytime you want to increase your confidence about breastfeeding and boost your milk supply. You can listen to them back to back, or separately as needed. Positive imagery and affirmations have been shown to increase milk supply, improve the let-down reflex, reduce discomfort and help you get a good start to your breastfeeding relationship.


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