Your birth is a Love Story; the story of how you and your baby will meet and fall in love for the first time. In our evidence-based classes we provide comprehensive education, practice, resources and guidance as you prepare yourself for the love of your life. Our couples leave class fully prepared and empowered, both physically and emotionally, for any birth scenario or outcome. Our goal? To facilitate a secure, joyful bond between parents and their new babies, no matter how your love story unfolds.

Our outcomes speak for themselves

The vast majority of our mothers are having unmedicated, healthy, comfortable births. Parents are leaving classes feeling confident, prepared, educated, empowered, and excited for their upcoming birth experience. While most moms are able to birth without medication, hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to prepare for a positive epidural or surgical birth as well! Our classes are NOT anti-epidural or anti-hospital. We respect and honor every birth love story.

Birth Statistics for Curtis Method students: 2010-2016

Percentage of Curtis Method couples reporting

  • NO pain medications or epidural: 86%
  • NO episiotomy: 92%
  • NO elective medical labor induction (induction without medical need): 82%
  • NO labor augmentation with pitocin: 86%
  • NO c-section: 90%

Certified, experienced and highly recommended instructor

Lauralyn Curtis was trained by the HypnoBirthing® Institute of New Hampshire, and has taught childbirth classes in Utah continuously since 2010. She is also a certified doula, Professional Labor Companion and Yoga Instructor. Ms. Curtis has drawn upon her training and experience as a doula, educator, prenatal yoga instructor and hypnotist to create an updated approach to hypnosis for childbirth. Classes are dynamic, energetic, and empowering, with plenty of hands-on practice during.

Since our founding, we have taught nearly 1000 couples. Our classes are in high demand, and our instructor is specifically recommended by many natural birth-friendly midwives, CNMs and OBs. If you would like to get to know instructor Lauralyn Curtis and hear from many of our previous clients, join our Hypnobirthing Utah Facebook Group.

Comprehensive Birth Preparation

Curtis Method classes are continuously updated to reflect the best research in evidence-based maternity care. With Hypnobirthing Utah you are getting a complete childbirth education curriculum, including comprehensive information about birth preferences and informed consent. We want you to know and understand ALL of your birth choices, so that you can make the informed decisions that are best for you and YOUR baby. We are committed to making sure that all of the information we present in class is backed by research and evidence.

Continuous support 

Curtis Method classes include a Daddy-Doula training session at no extra cost. We also offer the following services:

  • Individual birth hypnosis sessions with Lauralyn Curtis
  • Hypno-Doula and Postpartum Doula services
  • Breastfeeding Workshops
  • Prenatal and postpartum massage from certified massage therapist Latissa Graham.
  • Postpartum belly binding (Benkung style)
  • Free Positive Birth Discussion group each month (open to the public)
  • The Afterbirth Postpartum Support Group, facilitated by licensed therapist Rachel Brown,
  • … and more! We’ll be there every step along the path of your birth journey.

Training in the following hypnosis techniques, vital to a comfortable birth

  • Hypnotic Anesthesia (Our popular Glove Anesthesia Script)
  • Open-eyes Hypnosis (Learn to remain in deep hypnosis with your eyes open or closed!)
  • Active Hypnosis (Using the natural movements of your body to increase your hypnotic depth)
  • Instant relaxation cues, such as the Keyword and the Shoulder Press, to help you go into your hypnosis quickly
  • Fear Release and Confidence building scripts and techniques
  • Powerful breathing techniques to create calm, reduce stress and fear, and increase the comfort of birth
  • Daddy Doula Training for ALL of our birth companions

Hands-on training and practice of the following labor support skills

  • Labor Massage: Light touch, scalp, hand and foot, and shoulder massage to help mom stay deeply relaxed
  • Counter pressure for hips and back labor
  • Acupressure to release endorphins
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning: Help your baby turn into the best birth position, before labor begins! These techniques alone can shave HOURS off your labor!
  • Techniques for relieving “back labor”
  • Creating a peaceful “Birthing Nest” in the Hospital, Birth Center or at home.
  • Birth positions: Working with gravity, following our natural birthing instincts
  • Creating an effective birth plan

Live Hypnosis Sessions

Each class contains two hypnobirthing deep-relaxation sessions. Working with a live instructor is an important for your birth hypnosis training.