Childbirth is in your DNA. Every woman is part of an unbroken maternal line, stretching back to the beginning of our existence as a species. Your body knows instinctively how to give birth, just as it knows how to nourish and sustain your baby during pregnancy.

In this recording, you will learn to use your birthing instincts as hypnotic anchors to deepen relaxation and focus. This is called Birth Instinct Anchoring, and it’s a key skill differentiating The Curtis Method from other birth hypnosis programs. It’s simple to learn, easy to practice, and it works. Through your daily practice you’ll create a conditioned relaxation response to natural simple things; opening and closing your eyes, swaying your hips, changing positions, vocalizing, breathing, resting, sitting on a birth ball, etc. When women learn to embrace (rather than repress) their instinctive sounds and movements during labor, they are truly able to birth unhindered, and without fear. During labor, the skills you practice will enable you to listen to the signals of your unique body and to trust your intuition.


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