This is what an oxytocin high looks like. My midwife passed Felix to me through my legs like a football because I gave birth on my hands and knees. I was mostly silent because it was pure birth instinct for me to do so. I listened to the glove anesthesia hypnosis track (via the Curtis Method) on repeat during my entire labor. Up until this moment of holding my baby for the first time, I was in my own world where only breath and the present moment existed. It was the ultimate mindfulness experience of acceptance and allowing without judgment. I just breathed and focused deeply. I felt like a goddess and connected to Felix and generations of women before me. Felix was calm, patient, and must have been in his own zone as he worked his way down. I’m just amazed today at the process of growing a baby, birthing a baby, and learning with Felix how to navigate this whole new world. I’m still high. My husband was an amazing daddy doula and empowered me to have the birth experience I dreamed of. My doula was gentle, reassuring, and supportive. The hospital staff were respectful, admiring, and validating. My water broke at 6AM and my son was born at 11:37AM. I’m a first time mom with an IVF baby. This birth was a painless, fast, unmedicated, beautiful, hypnobirth.

So with the next contraction, my doula lifted my leg, the hubby helped keep me up and we slowly pushed this little babe out. This was the MOST beautiful thing I had ever experienced.

Holding this little babe, looking into his eyes and feeling like a million bucks. It was a BOY and I was incredibly in love!!! I felt like super woman.

We had the most magical, beautiful, life changing birth. It went exactly how I pictured it would go. I’m SO glad I did it different this time. That I educated myself this go round. That I practiced and prepared my mind and body in order to do the one thing my body was made to do, give birth.

I can’t thank my husband Pete, doula Mari, midwife Lindsay and teacher Lauralyn Curtis enough for making this one of the most incredible moments of my life.

Ever since I was young, I always knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth. So when I got pregnant, my husband and I began to research natural childbirth methods. I then learned about the Curtis Method, and it changed my pregnancy, and my life. I was so confident that everything would go perfectly. The midwife checked me during labor and said, “Wow I’m so impressed by you! You’re at an 8 and you are so quiet!” It was complete euphoria. I birthed the placenta easily and sat in the tub while the cord pulsated. Ivan cut the cord when it was time and he held our precious Ivy while the midwives helped me to the bed.  It was beautiful to breastfeed my daughter with my husband at my side–truly a dream. I feel so grateful that I was able to do a natural birth and that everything went so well and so quickly.

The hypnobirthing techniques I’d learned in Lauralyn’s class became a lifeline as my body continued to change and open. My key word changed from the word peace to the word open as things progressed. I kept chanting inside my head with each surge breath, “open, open, open” – it seemed to make the difference between me losing control and staying down in my self-hypnosis. I was surrounded with support throughout my labor. Whenever a surge began and I begin to moan, I’d feel hands pressing against the pressure points on my hips, fingers stroking my arms and forehead, and hear other voices join me in a chorus.

As a first time mom, who knew nothing about what I was doing, I am so grateful that I took Lauralyn’s class to prepare me for my dream natural water birth. The class came as not just highly recommended, but as an absolute must-take by my sister, who used the Curtis Method to have two natural, unmedicated, amazing births. I had already listened to multiple books on tape about hypnobirthing and was hesitant to spend money and time on a class, because I felt that I was sufficiently prepared, but boy was I wrong! There was an incredible amount of information that I had no idea about but absolutely needed to know to rock my natural birth. I totally fell in love with Lauralyn’s personality and style of teaching too… she is just such a real, no-nonsense powerful, fun and engaging presence that is perfect for presenting serious, sometimes gross information in a funny and easy to digest way (especially for the dads). My baby daddy and I looked forward to each class every week. The parts that I found to be most helpful were the hands on explanations of the physiology of birth, experiential practices of talking about our fears, breathing and relaxing, how the dad can help and participate, the stages of labor, understanding the truth behind common medical interventions and practicing declining them to the medical staff, the ability to ask questions about things that were confusing to me, a collection of hypnobirthing meditations that I listened to at home and so much more. This class was worth every penny and minute that I invested into it. When time came to go into labor, I felt so empowered and prepared and was totally able to rock the birth of my dreams in a natural, unmedicated, sacred way. The dad also had so much more understanding and know how to support me and the baby in the most perfect way. Thanks to Lauralyn, we both recognized the different stages of what my body was going through and knew that it was normal, necessary and to embrace them, instead of being freaked out by them. My baby was born super healthy and happy thanks to me feeling empowered as a woman to trust my own body to do what it was designed to do and the Curtis Method was a huge part of that! Thank you Lauralyn for the badass that you are and helping women believe in themselves! I now recommend this class to every pregnant woman I know as a necessary step in preparation for an empowered birth experience, whatever that may look like for them.

Mike & I were fascinated with all we had learned and decided immediately this was the route we were going to take. I am so glad Mike was on board because when I first mentioned to him about natural birth he was not so sure. The class opened our eyes to the way birth could be. My surges were strong! I tried to concentrate on The Birth Year tracks playing. I was listening to my body, it was time to push. I felt nervous to push but knew that the sooner my little girl was here the sooner I would feel better. I breathed her down with every surge. Little by little I could feel her getting closer. I could feel the ring of fire as her head started to come.  My body stopped surging for what felt like a lifetime. I tried not to move while I waited. Finally, a surge came and I breathed her little body out of me. My baby was laid on my chest. I could not believe she was here! She was perfect!

I am so happy with how the labor turned out and so glad we did it this way. I appreciated the classes we took with Lauralyn, because I knew how to breathe through the stress and Glenn knew exactly how to support me.  After the birth I was so excited and happy. They kept asking me my pain level. I kept thinking “What? What pain level? I just had a baby, I am so so excited, I am not in pain!” I never really hit high pain levels. I was full of energy and happy. This last week has been my best recovery I have ever had from having a baby.

Lauralyn Curtis thank you so much for your wonderful hypnobirthing instruction! It helped make my hospital birth the natural birth I had dreamed of. It never once occurred to me to ask for pain medication throughout my 18 hour labor — the thought literally never entered my mind. I had a great doula, an amazingly supportive husband and a wonderful team of midwives that went to bat for me when the attending physician was getting antsy. I knew I wanted a natural birth because it was best for baby, but was initially intimidated by the idea! Thank you for helping me prepare, trust my body and embrace the power of the process. I’m still a little amazed by what I did.

My husband Cory and I took Laura Curtis’ hypnobirthing class around 12 weeks into pregnancy. It was great getting information through my whole pregnancy and I am so glad I started that early. It gave me a huge head start to research and change my mind as many times as I wanted to.It was a perfect night that went exactly how I had always imagined it. My birthing time was completely magical and I wish every woman were able to experience birth in its most raw intimate form. There is a bond and security that can never be broken or forgotten with my husband after this night.

Meet my Christmas baby, Reddick Vivek Cerar! Born peacefully at home after six hours of painless labor. It was the most divine experience of my life. I had a natural birth, but I feel weird saying I had an unmedicated birth — I was medicated, by my body’s own oxytocin and endorphins.I went from being petrified OUT OF MY MIND regarding childbirth, to having a orgasmic homebirth. So, I am here to say, transforming your fears into confidence and power CAN BE DONE! I did Lauralyn’s directed meditations and affirmations, and I knew I had broken through to my subconscious and healed the fear of childbirth when weeks before I gave birth I started having dreams of having an amazing calm, powerful birth. That was really exciting for me, and gave me peace. I hired an amazing midwife, who I KNEW would keep me safe, and an amazing hypnodoula who I KNEW would take care of me, and keep my birthing space sacred. My husband and I also met with Lauralyn a couple weeks before our baby was born, and did a fear release and bonding session with out baby. It was amazing and we all cried.