This script is a new approach to the Rainbow “Chakra” Meditation used in Yoga and Hypnotherapy. Our Colors of Peace Track is designed to bring you down into a very deep level of relaxation, while teaching the following skills:The Colors of Peace

  • Open-Eyes Hypnosis: This is a simple yet incredibly effective tool for birthing, enabling the mother to remain in an ultimate depth of hypnosis, whether her eyes or open or closed. In fact, this script teaches you to deepen your relaxation significantly each and every time you open your eyes.
  • Active Hypnosis: Learn to use the natural, instinctive movements of your body to trigger greater relaxation and comfort during labor. You can feel confident about remaining deep in hypnosis while walking, changing positions, and swaying during your birthing time.
  • Finding your birth song: You will be prompted to practice making a low, relaxing sound that you can use to block out distractions, open your throat and your birthing muscles, and focus your energy during labor.
  • Affirmations and Relaxation specific to each Chakra in the body: The Chakras are an ancient meditation technique using the colors of the rainbow, practiced for centuries to balance energy, release tension, and affirm wellness throughout your mind and body.

Features the music track Harmonics by Israel Curtis, which combines calming, descending tones with the sweeping sounds of ocean waves crashing onto shore.


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