Laena Ray

As a first time mom, who knew nothing about what I was doing, I am so grateful that I took Lauralyn’s class to prepare me for my dream natural water birth. The class came as not just highly recommended, but as an absolute must-take by my sister, who used the Curtis Method to have two natural, unmedicated, amazing births. I had already listened to multiple books on tape about hypnobirthing and was hesitant to spend money and time on a class, because I felt that I was sufficiently prepared, but boy was I wrong! There was an incredible amount of information that I had no idea about but absolutely needed to know to rock my natural birth. I totally fell in love with Lauralyn’s personality and style of teaching too… she is just such a real, no-nonsense powerful, fun and engaging presence that is perfect for presenting serious, sometimes gross information in a funny and easy to digest way (especially for the dads). My baby daddy and I looked forward to each class every week. The parts that I found to be most helpful were the hands on explanations of the physiology of birth, experiential practices of talking about our fears, breathing and relaxing, how the dad can help and participate, the stages of labor, understanding the truth behind common medical interventions and practicing declining them to the medical staff, the ability to ask questions about things that were confusing to me, a collection of hypnobirthing meditations that I listened to at home and so much more. This class was worth every penny and minute that I invested into it. When time came to go into labor, I felt so empowered and prepared and was totally able to rock the birth of my dreams in a natural, unmedicated, sacred way. The dad also had so much more understanding and know how to support me and the baby in the most perfect way. Thanks to Lauralyn, we both recognized the different stages of what my body was going through and knew that it was normal, necessary and to embrace them, instead of being freaked out by them. My baby was born super healthy and happy thanks to me feeling empowered as a woman to trust my own body to do what it was designed to do and the Curtis Method was a huge part of that! Thank you Lauralyn for the badass that you are and helping women believe in themselves! I now recommend this class to every pregnant woman I know as a necessary step in preparation for an empowered birth experience, whatever that may look like for them.