We love reading our couples’ birth stories. This one gave me the chills. In our classes, couples practice powerful skills that will help them birth quicker, easier, safer, and so much more comfortably. This first-time mom had the awesome experience of a painless, unmedicated birth in a hospital.

“This is what an oxytocin high looks like! My midwife passed my baby to me through my legs like a football because I gave birth on my hands and knees. I was mostly silent because it was pure birth instinct for me to do so. I listened to the glove anesthesia hypnosis track on repeat during my entire labor.

Up until this moment of holding my baby for the first time, I was in my own world where only breath and the present moment existed. It was the ultimate mindfulness experience of acceptance and allowing without judgment. I just breathed and focused deeply. I felt like a goddess and connected to my baby and generations of women before me.

My baby boy was calm, patient, and must have been in his own zone as he worked his way down. I’m just amazed today at the process of growing a baby, birthing a baby, and learning together how to navigate this whole new world. I’m still high. 💙

My husband was an amazing daddy doula and empowered me to have the birth experience I dreamed of. My doula Daybreak Doula was gentle, reassuring, and supportive. The hospital staff were respectful, admiring, and validating.

My water broke at 6am and my son was born at 11:37am. I’m a first time mom with an IVF baby. This birth was a painless, fast, unmedicated, beautiful, Curtis Method hypnobirth.”