Liybie Cerar

Meet my Christmas baby, Reddick Vivek Cerar! Born peacefully at home after six hours of painless labor. It was the most divine experience of my life. I had a natural birth, but I feel weird saying I had an unmedicated birth — I was medicated, by my body’s own oxytocin and endorphins.I went from being petrified OUT OF MY MIND regarding childbirth, to having a orgasmic homebirth. So, I am here to say, transforming your fears into confidence and power CAN BE DONE! I did Lauralyn’s directed meditations and affirmations, and I knew I had broken through to my subconscious and healed the fear of childbirth when weeks before I gave birth I started having dreams of having an amazing calm, powerful birth. That was really exciting for me, and gave me peace. I hired an amazing midwife, who I KNEW would keep me safe, and an amazing hypnodoula who I KNEW would take care of me, and keep my birthing space sacred. My husband and I also met with Lauralyn a couple weeks before our baby was born, and did a fear release and bonding session with out baby. It was amazing and we all cried.