What is The Curtis Method?

A childbirth education program that teaches deep-relaxation skills through guided visualization along with a comprehensive study of the physiology of birth, to help couples achieve a positive, joyful, and more comfortable birth experience.

Birth is a Love Story; the story of how you and your baby will meet and fall in love for the first time. In our evidence-based classes we provide comprehensive education, support, and guidance as you prepare for the love of your life. Curtis Method families leave class empowered and prepared, both physically and emotionally, for any birth scenario.

Our goal is to facilitate a secure, joyful bond between parents and their new babies, and a positive birth experience can help smooth the transition from pregnancy to parenting. We believe that you should be able to walk away from your birth feeling empowered, respected, supported, and loved, no matter what path your journey takes.

Concepts Taught In Our Classes

  • Understanding birth phases and physiology
  • Confidence-building affirmations
  • Hypnotic Anesthesia
  • Active-Alert relaxation
  • Body preparation exercises
  • Vocals for birthing: the Labor KiHap
  • Effective breathing techniques for each stage of labor
  • Mother-directed pushing
  • Endorphin-release techniques
  • Daddy Doula Training
  • Labor massage
  • Fear release
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Making informed choices about birth options

Active Birth

You don’t have to be quiet and still to be in a state of deep hypnotic relaxation. Our students are actively involved in all aspects of the birth experience. We teach Active/Alert hypnosis so that our mothers can use their natural birthing movements and vocalizations as hypnotic “anchors” to increase comfort and relaxation in labor. You learn to remain in deep hypnotic relaxation with your eyes open or closed; whether you’re moving or walking or resting comfortably in labor. Daily mindfulness practice will help you learn to tap into those instincts so that you can follow your body’s lead with confidence on your birthing day.


Evidence-based Maternity Care

We continuously update our curriculum to reflect the best, most current research in maternity care, empowering our couples through education about ALL of their birth options. We also guide you through the process of choosing the care provider and birth location that is best for YOU, as well as creating an effective birth plan.

Hypnotic Anesthesia, Fear-release, and Positive Affirmation

Our hypnosis scripts and recordings enable our couples to identify, process and let go of birth fears and worries; increase confidence and relaxation during pregnancy and labor; eliminate physical and emotional stress, tension and discomfort; while increasing the love and labor hormones Oxytocin and Endorphins at will.


Birth Instinct Anchoring

In class, our couples will learn to use their own unique birthing instincts as hypnotic anchors to deepen relaxation and focus. This is called Birth Instinct Anchoring, and it’s a key skill differentiating Curtis Method from other birth hypnosis programs. It’s simple to learn, easy to practice, and it works. Through your daily practice you’ll create a conditioned relaxation response to natural simple things; opening and closing your eyes, swaying your hips, changing positions, vocalizing, breathing, and even resting. When women learn to embrace (rather than repress) their instinctive sounds and movements during labor, they are truly able to birth unhindered, and without fear.

Birth Companion (Daddy-Doula) Training

We teach birth companions our best “doula secrets” so that they feel completely prepared to support the laboring mama. Counter pressure, acupressure, labor massage, natural labor stimulation, strategies to prevent and relieve back labor, basic rebozo techniques, creating a peaceful birth environment in the Hospital, Birth Center or at Home, optimal fetal positioning, informed consent and refusal, working with the hospital and birthing staff to get the best care possible, and much more.

  • Lauralyn Curtis is an amazing instructor! Her class educated both my husband and I on how to have our optimal birth and if we needed to make hard decisions she prepared us. It was worth the money we paid and we are doing it again in the future when we get pregnant again.

    Chelsea Marie Kocherhans
  • I am here to say, transforming your fears into confidence and power CAN BE DONE! I did Lauralyn’s directed meditations and affirmations, and I knew I had broken through to my subconscious and healed the fear of childbirth when weeks before I gave birth I started having dreams of having an amazing calm, powerful birth.

    liybie cerar
    Lybie Cerar
  • I had already listened to multiple books on tape about hypnobirthing and was hesitant to spend money and time on a class, because I felt that I was sufficiently prepared, but boy was I wrong! There was an incredible amount of information that I had no idea about but absolutely needed to know to rock my natural birth.

    Laena Ray